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Apply for Entrepreneur Awards

ACE provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enroll themselves and compete with other entrepreneurs on success parameters. ACE’s unbiased judgmental system chooses the right people to confer with the highest awards.

Entrepreneur Member

Key Benefits of Membership

1. 10 Exclusive Benefits

Entrepreneur members can avail 10 exclusive offers namely ACE Online, ACE Services, ACE Consulting, ACE Education, ACE Mastermind, ACE Accelerator, ACE Mentorship, ACE Events, ACE Chapter and ACE Awards.

2. Awards And Recogition

ACE member entrepreneurs get generous amounts of encouragement in the form of Awards and Recognition for their tireless efforts to build a successful business venture thereby creating employment and spreading happiness into many a billion lives on planet earth.

3. ECON - Entrepreneurs Conference

Attend the ECON – Entrepreneurs Conference. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Apply for awards and recognition. Be a speaker and get noticed.

4. Global

Our team of experts can help you find the right channel partners to collaborate with you for expansion and device a global business development, regional and national expansion strategy.

5. Empower Our Entrepreneurs

We give elite entrepreneurs the details of all the important Venture capital roadshows and events for you to participate in. We empower elite entrepreneurs with the business discipline requisite to pitch to Investors and Venture Capitalists.

Elite Entrepreneur

This package is for Elite CEOs and Startup Entrepreneurs who are looking for Strategic Business Alliance Partnerships to compliment mutual growth. Some of the niche services that we offer to elite members are;

1. 10X Growth Blueprint

A comprehensive boot camp session to help entrepreneurs build a business plan or business model which gives 10 times the growth from their current standing in the market.

2. Business Plan Package

Members can avail of exclusive guidance to prepare a foolproof business plan.

3. Pitch Deck Package

We empower elite entrepreneurs to make the perfect pitch that wins you investors heart and more importantly their money.

4. Fundraising Package

  • We give elite entrepreneurs the details of all the important Venture capital roadshows and events for you to participate.
  • We empower elite entrepreneurs with the requisite business discipline requisite to pitch to Investors and Venture Capitalists.

5. Publishing Package

Exclusive access to Brand6 portal where elite entrepreneurs avail the benefits of “Author Entrepreneur” program and become the next big Author Entrepreneur.

6. Ecommerce Package

Launch an Ecommerce Portal: Get elite level consulting and operational service to expand your physical business or store (both B2B and B2C) into an innovative online revenue making business.

7. Business Development Services

We offer elite level business development services for your dormant, existing, running and super performing firms and dreams.

8. Branding Package

Get the latest effective branding solutions that has been proven with top brands of the world. Package includes Digital branding , traditional branding and futuristic branding for elite customers.

9. DMM Package

Includes Digital Media Marketing solutions namely SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing.

10. SMM Package

Includes Advanced levels of Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Snapchat, WhatsApp aimed to bring business revenues.

11. Viral Video Package

Developing a Million dollar Video marketing strategy for every product and service of an enterprise. Enabling Brand awareness, Lead generation, Sales Conversion, Customer Loyalty programs can be customized to the needs of the industry.

12. Mastermind Package

For CEOs by CEOs: The Entrepreneurs Mastermind is a mix of experienced and emerging CEOs who bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share and empower each other. Mastermind has always been a strong platform to support each other for mutual growth and a common goal – SUCCESS